Appointment scheduling & queue
management mobile application



Allow customers to manage
their visits to your stores or branches

With this app customers can find a service center,
schedule an appointment, receive reminders, check in
upon arrival, and wait in a virtual line.

Extensive Compatibility
Extensive Compatibility
Mobile app available for iOS and Android, Web App available for any other mobile device
All-in-one solution
All-in-one solution
Branch Locator, Appointment Scheduling, and Queue Management, all using one mobile interface
Rapid deployment
Rapid deployment
The fastest way to make your services available to mobile users

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About Q-nomy

Q-nomy is the market leader of in-store customer experience management solutions, ranging from essentials like take a number and digital signage systems up to the most advanced appointment scheduling software, customer flow management, business process management, and mobile applications

Q-nomy also offers software implementation and turnkey project management services, taking advantage of its  years of expertise and experience in various industries and sectors.


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